Emoji Meanings

When emoji are released, they come with a description. But then, when people start using them, they can take on a whole new meaning. For instance, you know this ???? means you find something funny. ???? More tears means overwhelming joy or could mean sad tears. And this ???? clearly means you’re rolling on the floor laughing. There are many, many others. And to help us understand, I’ve recruited my daughter, Delaney, who uses quite a few emoji in texting and so forth. Are you ready?

Yes, all right. What does this one mean? ???? A grinning face with smiling eyes. General pleasure, I guess.

An upside-down face? ???? You’re being sarcastic.

All right, this ???? wink may mean a joke or flirting. Not to be confused with the ???? smirking face, which may convey something sexual.

Oh, okay. This ???? smiling face with closed eyes and hearts says you’re in love. ???? Smiling with heart eyes may mean infatuation.

All right, this ???? kissing face means blowing a kiss or maybe a kiss goodnight. But this one ???? kissing face with no hearts means love and affection. The ???? kissing face with eyes closed conveys romantic love.

A face without a mouth means someone is speechless. This one ???? may mean someone’s emotional or drunk. But this slightly different ????‍???? dizzy face means you’re shocked or surprised.

But emoji can be ambiguous, so it’s important to pay attention to the context of the conversation. And tomorrow, we’ll talk about some of the hidden meanings behind emojis that parents should know. That’s what the tech! I’m Jamie Tucker, and I’m Delaney Tucker.




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