James: The rules are simple, I’m going to ask these people one by one 16 questions. If they get three wrong, the game
is over. If they cheat, the game is over. However, if they succeed, everybody wins. Now, just so you can keep track
at home, the people who answered correctly will hold up a green check like this. The people who answered
incorrectly will hold up a red X like this. Okay, now, we normally play for $100 per person. However, the last two groups
couldn’t answer enough questions correctly to win. So we have rolled their prize money over to this group and you are all now competing for $300 each.

James: Keep your hands where my eyes can see them. Do not ask for help from anyone off camera, okay? This is you as a team and me. We are all pulling for you. Are you ready to begin?

James: Okay. Contestant number one, what is your name, and where are you?

Christine: Hi, I’m Christine from The Bay Area.

James: Hey Christine! Now, what is this behind you? What is this little banner you have got here?

Christine: Actually I got married right before this started. It is just my decoration so we got married and we missed out on our honeymoon actually. We went to Puerto Rico and had to fly right back.

James: I love that you kept the sign up. Why not?

Christine: It gives me something to be happy about right now.

James: Well, you are giving us all something to be happy about right now, I tell you that. Good luck. Which iconic candy brand uses the slogan “taste the rainbow”?

Christine: Skittles.

James: It’s correct.

James: What is your name? Where are you calling from?

Hey, hey, I’m Tori Russel. I’m from Las Vegas.

James: Look at this! Look at all of these broadway host posters you have behind you, you are quite a broadway man.

Yes, sir, I love broadway, I have an organization called Broadway In The Hood. Hood stands for “helping others open

doors”. Educating young people in theater and in the arts.

James: Oh, well, look at you. I love you for doing that, a dream on the t-shirt and a dream on the posters. Let’s go. Okay, are you ready for your question?

I really need this money.

James: I got to get this money.

Yes, sir.

James: Okay. Here we go. Question number two. Kermit the frog, Miss Piggy and Gonzo are all characters on which TV show?

It’s time to start the music, it’s time to light the lights. On the Muppet Show Tonight.

James: You are absolutely correct. I am loving his energy. Okay, contestant number three, what is your name? Where are you calling from?

Hi, I’m Peyton and I’m from divine Texas.

James: Hi, Peyton, is your dog okay?

He is very okay. He is very asleep, he’s okay.

James: Are you sure? Because I didn’t know for a minute whether to go to the dog or the fact you might be involved in some sort of taxidermy and this is your latest project. He is definitely all right?

He’s definitely all right. He sleeps all day.

James: I mean I don’t know if he is okay or if you are just, during this period of lockdown you have made– oh no, there we go, there are the eyes. Go back to sleep, okay? Are you ready for your question?

I think so.

James: Okay, here we go, question number three. This word which is also a very popular ice cream flavor is often used to describe something that is plain or boring.


James: It’s correct. Hold up your green check mark. Okay, contestant number four, what is your name? Where are you

calling from?

Hi, I’m Monica from Walnut Creek, in Northern California.

James: Thank you for joining us, did you fret at all about what you were going to show behind you on TV or did you

always know we were going to go for the lovely watercolor and the plant with the pink flowers.

No, i just– this is the quietest room in my house, the whole family is home so I’m just back in the bedroom.

James: Are you ready for your question?

James: Before being elected, President Barack Obama was a senator from what state?

Oh my gosh. I know but I don’t know. I don’t know, I know he’s from Hawaii but I don’t remember what state.

James: It is the state of Illinois. I’m so sorry, hold up a red check. It’s okay. You were always going to stumble at some point. We have a red there. If we get two more wrong, the game is over. Okay, good luck guys. Contestant number five, what is your name? Where you are calling from?

Hi, I’m Chris from Orange County.

James: Thank you so much for joining us. You have gone for the minimalist artwork behind you. I like it.

Thank you! They are from the dollar store. I painted this with… dollar painting.

James: Well, no one would have ever guessed. I think it looks at least $7 worth. Okay. Here we go. In which country would you find The Eiffel Tower?


James: Correct. Hold up your green check. Contestant number six, what is your name? Where are you calling from?

Hi, I’m Joe from Long Island, New York.

James: Hi Joe, thank you for being here. Are you feeling confident?

I am confident but nervous. But you know, I got the energy, you got– we all got the energy so let’s go. We got it.

James: What would you spend the $300 on, should you win?

Honestly, books, because I’m a student. So I need to get out of quarantine just straight to the books and get right to a new school year.

James: Oh man, I want you to win so much. Here we go, contestant number six, in 1999, Lou Bega scored a hit with his song “Mambo Number ______?”

Nambo Number Nine.

James: No, it’s Mambo Number Five.

James: Hold up your red.

I was so confident too.

James: Hold up your red cross. Okay. Guys, this is getting tense now. Okay. If we get one more question wrong, the game is over, okay. So everybody lock in, we can do this. Contestant number seven, what is your name? Where are you
calling from?

I’m samantha from Orange County, california.

James: Okay, Samantha, you’re starting to feel slightly nervous, right?

Yeah, I was nervous before but now I’m really nervous.

James: Listen, we can do this. Okay. Here we go. Are you ready for your question? All right, in what country is The Great Pyramid of Giza?


James: Correct. Hold up your green. What is your name? Where are you calling from?

I’m Ellie from Washington.

James: Hi, Ellie, how are you feeling? A little nervous or you feel good?

My adrenaline is so high.

James: All right, listen, I believe in you, we can do this. Are you ready for your question?

I hope so.

James: Okay. Honey crisp, red delicious and granny smith are varieties of what kind of fruit?


James: It is correct. Here we go. Okay. Contestant number nine, what is your name? Where are you calling from?

My name is Brad, I’m from Scotsdale, Arizona.

James: I love that you have got a straight up sign, Paula Abdul photo. Look at that, have you added me
to your poster?

I did because that was a very memorable dance you and she did.

James: At the MC Skat Kat, all right, that is what we did. All right, listen, I straight up hope that you get this right. Okay.

Are you ready for your question?

As ready as I’m ever going to be.

James: Here we go. What is the name of the residence of the President of the United States of America?

The White House.

James: It is correct. Hold up your green check. Come on guys, we are so close. All right, contestant number ten, what is your name? Where are you interesting from?

Brandi from Atlanta, Georgia.

James: How are you doing, Brandi? I love … in this light, it looks like you have matched hair to your sweatshirt and I am living for it.

Thank you.

James: Are you feeling confident, are you feeling good?

No, I’m absolutely not.

James: Come on, we can do this. You got this.

James: You really, really can. Are you ready for your question?

Go ahead.

James: Here we go, in what city would you find the Golden Gate Bridge?

Wait, you said city. Los Angeles.

James: It’s San Francisco. Oh, guys, I am so sorry, hold up your crosses you didn’t know, you don’t get the dough. I wanted you to win so much. Look at contestant 11. She can’t even disguise. I’m so sorry. But this means we’re going to
roll the money over again. And the next group will be playing for 400 a person, a grand total of $6,400. I wanted you to win so much. Don’t worry, you were the greatest contestants. We thank you for playing, we’ll be right back with more of the “late, late show,” everybody. Oh guys, I’m so sorry. I wanted you to win so much.

It is my fault…

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