Camila Coelho’s Makeup Routine During Fashion Week

So, this is Fashion Week season, the time of the year that I get the most tired, the less sleep and when my alarm rings, I’m really upset. So I don’t really have a typical morning routine. I’m always in a different hotel, a different place in the world. And right now I’m in New York for Fashion Week. It’s gonna be a crazy day and always early mornings every single day.

So the first thing I do is my quartz roller. It’s really good for puffiness. I wake up really puffy, especially when I don’t get a lot of sleep. So I take this everywhere I go, in the plane with me, when I wake up in the plane, everywhere. I’m rolling it, rolling it, rolling it. It’s so good. After I roll it for about four minutes, I use my lip mask and this is a Korean lip mask. I live by this. Laneige. So I do this lip mask before I go to bed and when I wake up. My lips are like “yes!”. You know, I’m a lip girl and now I’m ready.  So I need to get up. Unfortunately. Let’s do makeup and get pretty for Fashion Week.

So you might think that I always get a makeup artist to do my makeup on me every day. But no, I love doing my makeup and this is like my therapy time. I really enjoy this moment in the morning. For red carpets sometimes I do get glam hair and makeup because I want to look a bit different. But when you see me in street style photos, I probably did my makeup.

I start with a primer and I’m using today a pore minimizing one. I do a lot of photos and my pores need to look good, so I’m just concentrating more on my cheek area. Feels super velvety and smooth.

Moments that I’m gonna take a photo and I need my makeup to stay all day, I like to use a matte finish foundation so that I don’t need to touch up or worry about my skin. A strobe cream helps on that glow. And now I’m gonna move on to foundation and the one I’m using a lot lately is the Double Wear from Estee Lauder because it really stays on. And you guys I love mixing colors. Sometimes you are in that phase… You’re not on your summer tan and you’re not in your winter color, and I’m in that phase right now. So I like mixing foundations just to get that perfect color.

It is important for you to change your foundation. Switch it up. Not just a foundation, but every product that you put in your face skincare as well, your body… it’s like your hair, too – it all gets used to the product. So when you switch it up, it’s good. So you get, like, the real effect of it. So I always switch like every two months and then I’ll go back to my favourite ones. But I always like to switch.

In the morning I think of my whole day, what it’s gonna be like? Is this first makeup gonna help me out or work for the following event? So I kind of, like, think of that whole process. Right now I’m doing a concealer. I do not leave the house without concealer. I need that concealer so much especially during Fashion Week because I get no sleep because you know…I’m busy throughout the whole day, have to wake up early to get ready, and I have events at night. So there isn’t a lot of time to sleep and that’s why I really take my time in the morning to do my makeup.

So I like to blend my concealer in this whole area to give it a highlight, a triangle area, to make me look really awake and I take the rest of it and blend around my mouth, which is the area that… you lose foundation first because you’re like eating and kissing people. It’s not that I kiss people all day, but you know… You’re greeting people a lot during Fashion Week.

Right now I’m touching up my brows right now. I’m gonna show you a little trick that I love. I use cream contour. I swatch it on the top of my hand and then I take my Beauty Blender. Beauty Blender is gonna be your best friend. If you don’t use it start using it, it’s the best and are you ready for this? You just dab really close to your hair root.

Now I’m gonna do blush and… Really, this is what I use every day. Like a peachy color. It just goes with all colors of lipstick and eyes. It’s the most natural and I do like a shimmer and matte. Mix… I do this a lot. I take the same color from my blush with a little blending brush and I apply it on my eyelid. It gives you a nice base for whatever you’re doing if you’re doing something smokey or just keeping it plain with a little eyeliner.

But today I’m gonna do like a shimmery liquid shadow. So this is just gonna give a nice base to it.

Highlighter! Always always always use highlighter. At least a little bit, because you are gonna look more photogenic and this you guys is the skin that I’m doing every single day during Fashion Week.

So my eyes are gonna be more bare and natural. But what I like to do is take a black shadow and just darken my root on the outer corner, and now we’re gonna move on to our friend – mascara. Our eye is done and now we’re gonna do lipstick, which is my favorite part. So before doing the lip, I like to take off all of the foundation and product that I have on my lip. Today I’m gonna use a darker nude color. I created lip colors with Lancome. I created ten shades they were so beautiful. Yes. I’m so proud of it. I created really versatile colors, but Carioca Summer is one of my favorites.  It’s a nude – that works for every skin color. On darker skin tone it’s gonna be like the perfect light nude. With that beautiful lip on.

I like to finalize my whole makeup with a serum mist or a, like, beauty water that’s gonna give you, like, that beautiful natural glow.

All right, so my makeup is done and I need to get moving and I want to be late. Every morning is the same thing. I don’t wanna be late! And my hairstylist Alex is here. She’s gonna get me pretty to go.

So now I need to do hair, eat, cuz I’m hungry and get ready and go. And this is like, you know I take my calm time during makeup and then I get crazy. Always. So today we decided to do just a sleek low pony. With a side part, but another thing also… I don’t like to be too repetitive with hair during Fashion Week. So sometimes, you know, maybe a hairstyle will work amazing for a look. But I’ve done it like maybe a couple of times. So I just try to switch it up and do something different. Followers vlog that I play with hair. And so I just really started my channel to help other girls doing their makeup themselves, like that’s what helped me grow in a way.

Coffee always with cream and sugar… two sugars That’s not a lot, is it? Don’t judge me.

All right, now it’s outfit time. Here’s my Fashion Week rack. When I get to my room in my hotel, the first thing I asked for is a rack. So I set up, you know, the clothes and I put up all the shoes and accessories out as well. I really try to be organized and, you know, choose the looks beforehand so I know what I’m gonna wear… accessories… so that we gain time. It’s all about being practical during Fashion Week.

For example, today’s look… I tried it last night with the accessories, so I know exactly what I’m wearing already, which is this beautiful Tibby look and I’m gonna do white shoes with it. Yes, I don’t believe in “no white after Labor Day”. Rules are made to be broken, right?

Then I’m gonna get dressed and I’ll see you in a minute.

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