Why is School “Important”? || 5 Totally Serious Reasons Why School is Important

Why is school important? I’m going to give you five totally serious reasons!

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Let’s talk about why school is important.

Now, you may notice that in the title I have quotation marks around important. Quotation marks usually signify sarcasm. And also the subtitle: five totally serious reasons why school is important. So what does that tell you about this video?

It’s just for goofs. But guess what? In every goof there’s a little bit of truth. And CapOhTV is all about speaking the truth. Are you ready? Here we go!

Number one! School is important because you have to learn to think like the group. Yes, that’s right, school is the conformity factory. You go in, you’re told to do this, you’re told to do that and you have to be just like everybody else. If you stand up, you’re told to sit down. You have to do what everyone else does. You have to do the same worksheet, you have to learn the same math, you have to learn the same way to use the bathroom.

Um… well… maybe… in this culture we have… The point is, school is all about conformity, school doesn’t want anyone to rock the boat, they want everyone to be nice and level-headed and that’s why school is important.

Number two! Why is school important?

Because if you fail school, then you’ll be a failure in life. That’s right, folks, if you fail school, you ain’t goin’ nowhere in life. And I said “ain’t!” How bout dat? The idea is if you aren’t doing well in school and you aren’t getting good grades, then you must be defective and you must have a problem and therefore no one is ever going to hire you for a job and you can never accomplish anything in life. Yeah, sometimes that’s true. I made a video about that, you know, a couple weeks ago with the ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl. I said she might not have much of a future. But anyone can change! You can be the worst student in high school and then after you graduate and you’re outside of that system and you realize, “whoa, this is what life is?”

BOOM! Maybe you can do something great, too, if you get your act together. And please, please, please, don’t think that I’m saying if you fail in school, then you’ll be okay in life. Because, really, the statistics are against you. If you are a complete “F student” in school, you probably lack the motivation to actually make something of your life. So… just keep that in mind. I don’t know if that was too harsh, but, whatever, I said it.

Number 3 reason why school is important: You need to learn to blindly follow authority! This is related to number one, the conformity factory, but in this case you’ve got to learn to say, “Hey, Mr. Vice Principal, Hey, Mr. Teacher, you know what you’re talking about so I’ll do whatever you say!” “Because you’re in a position of power.” And that’s what school is conditioning you for! It’s to follow the rules no matter what. Don’t question anything, don’t look at the man behind the curtain. Just get along with the people that are your rulers.

Reason number 4 why school is important: If you don’t learn this now, then you’ll NEVER get a job! Yeah, if you don’t learn all the details of the information that you’re taught in school, then you’re never going to get a job because every employer needs to know that you know when the Civil War was fought. That’s a bad example because if you don’t know when the Civil War was, then… what… what is wrong with you?

My point is: employers do look at your grades and they do care somewhat what your GPA was and they care what you know. But at the end of the day, they care more about how you think and whether you’re going to be able to perform the duties that you’re assigned in this job. So your school academic career is only an indicator to them that you’ll put forth the effort to learn what they have to teach you.

And reason number five why school is important: Because you HAVE to go to college and you HAVE to take on crushing debt and you HAVE to eat Ramen Noodles for the rest of your life. College is the next step after high school. No questions about it. You’ve got to go to college, everyone says, “If you don’t go to college, then you’ll never get a real job!” But isn’t that what they said about graduating high school?


College is great if you’re going to be a lawyer or a nurse or something else that requires super-duper-specific knowledge. Engineer, physicist, or… um… biochemist. Things like that! College is great for that because you can spend your time studying that, get hands-on experience, maybe get some internships, but if you’re going to go to college for, say, a philosophy degree… I wouldn’t spend my money on it. And, by the way, I didn’t spend my money on it. Our state of New Jersey paid for everything when I went to college. And I got a philosophy degree!

If you’re a “C student” and you don’t really want to go to college or you’d rather take a job somewhere, do that!

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