American & Swiss People Swap Snacks

Today, we’re gonna be comparing American and Swiss snacks.

– I am Swiss Colombian. I kind of grew up a little bit in Colombia and in Switzerland.

– I’ve been here for about 10 years. Born and raised in Switzerland, and like, just transitioned right before middle school.

– Switzerland is definitely known for their cheese and their chocolate.

– Fondue, I would eat for breakfast, literally every meal.

– I’m moving. This sounds like the perfect place for me.

I’m definitely excited to try Swiss snacks with my friend here. I definitely wanna learn more about the culture and see what’s up.

– So these are my favorite snacks.

– This is something you would usually take, like, camping, it’s very salty. I’ve had Lay’s before, and I think it’s a little bit saltier than Lay’s.

– Barbecue chips is just pure America, sis. I put this on my burgers, I put this on my snacks. Like, I truly love barbecue Lay’s chips.

– Well, if you like those, I really feel you’re gonna like these.

– Okay, all right.

– Yeah.

– All right, I’m so excited to try this.

– Mm.

– These are really good.

– To me, these are very similar to me–

– Yeah.

– These just have like the smoky flavor that that doesn’t really have.

– I feel like these would be good on, like, a burger or something.

– Oh, heck yeah.

– A vegan burger.

– There we go!

– I could definitely imagine myself, like, opening this bag of chips on my couch, watching a movie, planning world domination, destroying systems. I see the power in these chips. Okay, paprika.

– If I had to choose between these two particular things, I would definitely go with this, ’cause I am not a barbecue gal.

– I’m gonna go with paprika.

– I would also go over here.

– These are my favorite, like, forever.

– Oh my God! This is a very, very, very, very, like, Swiss typical soda.

– And no one really has it above the age of, like, 20. Like you don’t really see like, older people having it, it’s definitely like something only your mom would pack you.

– It’s made out of milk whey. A lot of people get grossed out by that when you tell them that. And they have, like different flavors, too, but this is like the original one.

– Okay, it’s like the Coca-Cola.

– Mmhmm.

– So, this is La Croix, this is what every person drinks. Can’t relate, hate La Croix. Just get a soda stream.

– Okay, I’m excited to try this.

– Interesting.

– ‘Kay, not bad, that’s not a bad sign.

– The smell, to me, is the most amazing thing ever.

– Mm, kinda smells like malt liquor.

– It almost just feels like a tiny bit, like someone put in a lemon to your drink and you just drink it.

– This is, like–

– Basic.

– Yeah, I wanted to say basic, but I don’t know if that was mean.

– It’s similar to ginger ale, but it isn’t ginger ale. It’s definitely, like, a really light, like, alternative to have instead of, like, a Coke or something like that, I’m assuming.

– You know what?

– It’s amazing.

– I think this would be paired very well with tequila.

Out of the two, I would choose La Croix, because I feel like it’s healthier, and like, I only drink water. But that’s the only reason. For taste-wise, this.

– This one wins. I could make some really great alcoholic drinks with this.

– Oh, I love this. Tartex is a vegetarian spread.

You either love it or hate it. It’s made from potato starch and it has parsley in it. People compare it to, like, Vegemite, for Australia. I’m excited to see what she is gonna think.

– Easy Cheese, uh-huh! Everything will be…the stoner kind of kid would always be eating the goddamn Easy Cheese.

– Straight from it?

– I definitely grew up on this. It’s made with real cheese, but it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, so that could tell you a little bit about Easy Cheese.

– My mom would never get it because she’s the Haitian woman, so she was like, this is blasphemous for cheese to come out of cans.

– Okay, so we have it on toast a lot, so I’m gonna spread this for you, get ready.

– I’m gonna put this on crackers.

– Okay.

– All right?

– The only thing I don’t like about this is the smell.

– This has a smell! This is definitely smelling.

– This has no smell, I don’t know if that’s worse.

– That’s–

– Ohh.

– Mm, this is good.

– It’s really hard to swallow. Definitely something to do after a night at the bar.

– Not like six PM for dinner for the first time with your boyfriend’s parents.

– No.

– No, not that.

– I think, if this was melted, with like, nachos, it could be really good.

– Mmhmm.

– I wouldn’t eat it like this.

– Some people can’t handle the squirt.

– I can’t either way.

– This reminds me of cream of broccoli soup, but it’s in a spread form. It’s really good!

– I don’t think I’d really go for either in general, but if I had to choose, it would be this, just because I’m so used to it.

– This will always be good, but I do enjoy the pate.

– This is chocolate and it has Kirsch inside, which is a Swiss cherry liqueur.

– Red Vines! So, typical standard, like, American classic, movie theaters, baseball games. Definitely something that is completely recognizable, and I’ve had throughout my childhood.

– How many do I eat so I could it feel it in my toe?

– It’s not that strong.

– These are cute!

– Aren’t they cute?

– Yeah, they kinda look like a pack of cigarillos. Ooh, I’m gonna open one.

– I don’t like these. Sorry, I prefer–

– She didn’t even let me get a goddamn bite! She’s gonna judge my life and my story?

– Okay. It’s an aggressive amount of liqueur.

– Mm. Ooh, baby, that’s strong liqueur. Wait, all right, you can give the rest to everybody else.

– I want one.

– Mmhmm! Oh my God! You put three of these together and this just comes out to a shot.

– When you bite into it like that, chocolate shell is very thin. That is not a thick chocolate shell, that was all liqueur in my mouth.

– So it’s chocolate outside, and has like, this little, like, cocoa powder. And then inside, it has like, a thing of like sugar. That’s the crunching that you feel.

– You like them.

– I really like these.

– Oh, we did good!

– These are kinda like too, well, plastic-y?

– Yeah. She might be a little right, but I got memories of Red Vine.

– I think in terms of like, candy to munch on, I’d go with the Red Vines. But, I mean, like, these are better.

– I think I would go with the Lindt chocolate.

– I’m Swiss.

– Converted, wholly.

– I need to go to Switzerland.

– Mmhmm.

– Y’all snacks are lit. Lemme just see what your men look like, and we might be cooking with something.

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