Taboo Topics

Time for your good-to-know segment. We all want a good rapport with the people that we work with, but saying the wrong thing while you’re on the job can lead you to some trouble – it might even cost you your position if it gets out of hand. So here are the topics career experts say you should never talk about at work.

First off, don’t badmouth your last job. Experts say complaining about previous positions can make you seem immature. It also gives people the impression that you blame others instead of taking responsibility for your own actions.

The next one is pretty obvious – don’t talk politics. You never know who may have an opposing opinion, and while some people certainly share your beliefs, you’re likely to create unnecessary friction with people who don’t agree with you.

This is also a no-brainer, people. It’s best not to talk about your personal relationships and any intimate details. It’s fine to discuss your anniversary or your child’s achievements; however, the moment the discussion turns to issues with your spouse or anything sexual in nature, God forbid, you are gonna start making people super uncomfortable.

And then next, finally, you should not go around airing complaints about your co-workers or your boss. I guess it does kind of feel nice to vent, but it’s never really worth it. Office gossip spreads like wildfire, and the person you complained about can end up finding out.

Hmm, those are all really good. You know what I’ve heard? Actually, a couple of those over the years. I can tell you’re a little nervous about how much you want to share here.

Yeah, well, no. I was gonna say the person who did one of those things is still here, and it was about the sex stuff. I was like, “Oh, really? I’m not gonna say, man-woman, nothing, but oh, I remember having a conversation with two male co-workers here.” Yeah, got a decade ago. I gotta figure out how sales quickly. One of them said to the other one and myself every – and he’s talking about women – every blank first-name (not gonna say what it was), every black, I’ve ever met is a blank. Okay, every let you see. Yeah, the other gentleman said, “My wife’s name is blank.” Wow, good. Got it on.


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