Back in December Mike took me on a surprise birthday trip to Zurich. We spent the first day wandering around the colourful streets of Zurich’s old town. 

As the evening arrived, everything started to look a lot more Christmassy with a festive tram, nicely decorated Christmas trees and hundreds of twinkling lights all around the city

The next day we experienced some proper winter by going up to Felsenegg. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to enjoy the view over Zurich lake, so instead, we played with the snow like 2 big kids. We did a circular route that goes past the Felsenegg restaurant and where possible we diverted through the forest for some extra winter magic. 

The last day of our trip was my favourite, as we went to the recently opened Lindt Home of chocolate. I think you can see my excitement even through that face mask. The best part was obviously the eating. 

However, if you are visiting this museum,  do not overfill on the melted chocolate, as afterwards there is a room full of Lindt chocolate balls for you to taste. Apart from byour recommended daily sugar dose, in this museum, you can also learn about growing cocoa beans, production of chocolate and history behind this sweet treat.

And before you leave, make sure to check out their store for some huge bags of chocolate.

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