The Most Annoying Work Behaviors and Habits at Work

So I’m curious, what behaviors do your coworkers do that just drive you around the bend? What are some of those annoying work jerk-kind of behaviors that just drive you crazy?

Ohio Northern University did a survey, and they found these were the four biggest complaints from employees about their coworkers.

At the number one spot, 48% of employees complained about other employees who complain all the time. Yes, those seagulls who squawk crap all over everything all the time. The second biggest complaint, at 32%, was people who spread gossip or who bully.

At 12% were poor eating habits. People who maybe chew too loudly or are just, kind of, you know, not fun to watch when they eat or perhaps leave a mess behind when they eat.

And coming in at 6%, people said the most annoying work jerk behaviors were associated with email or meeting etiquette.

So what about you in your workplace? What do you think is driving your employees batty? Do a survey, ask people what drives everyone crazy. It’s a simple way to raise awareness around some issues that people might be uncomfortable bringing up, but if you do it through a survey, if you do it through a top 10 list, it becomes a gentle reminder for people to think about their own behaviors, their own attitudes, and to encourage a more positive, supportive, collaborative workplace.

What drives you crazy? Put it in the chat box. I would love to hear what your biggest pet peeves are, your biggest annoyances, the things that your coworkers do that just drive you around the bend. And if you haven’t yet subscribed to my “Inspiring Workplaces” channel, please hit the “subscribe” button. Join our growing community as we talk about workplaces that rock.


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