Can You Name a Country?

All right, now it’s time for something… I don’t know if this will be educational. But, the President is overseas, visiting Belgium, England, Scotland, and then his pal Putin in Finland. It’s a big trip with many important ramifications.

It is imperative that America has strong relationships with and knowledge about people in other lands. And that responsibility extends to all of us, not just the President.

So we came up with a test. The test is very simple. When on the street, we asked people passing by, to name a country on a map. That’s it. We have a map. We said, “name a country”. Any country. And here’s how that went.

– Can you name any country on this map?

– Honestly, my geography is so horrible. I can’t name anything. Like, nothing.

– Try to name something.

– Is this South Africa?

– No.

– We have a country of Asia.

– That’s a continent. And that’s Russia.

– Damn.

– I’m silly.

– That’s okay.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in school.

– It’s okay. Any country on the map.

– Africa.

– That’s a continent.

– Country.

– What about a country in Africa?

– I know South Africa is over here somewhere.

– No, it’s down.

– Oops.

– Can you name any country on this map?

– Yeah.

– Africa.

– That’s a continent.

– Oh, God.

– Can you name any countries in Africa?

– God, who knows stuff like that?

– Can you name any country on this map?

– Yes.

– Africa.

– That is a continent.

– Oh, country.

– Greenland or Iceland or something.

– That’s Alaska. Any country.

– I don’t know.

– On the entire map.

– This is so horrible.

– Where is America?

– I would say the big one. But I am probably wrong.

– Can you name any country on this map?

– Oh my gosh. Shouldn’t I be taught this in school?

– I would hope so.

– South America.

– That’s a continent.

– Oh my God.

– What about a country in South America?

– Yeah. Honduras is… here. Somewhere here.

– Can you name any country in Europe?

– Is this one Europe?

– Can you name a single country in Africa?

– This is Africa?

– No, again, South America.

– No idea.

– Can you name a country in South America?

– This is South America.

– Yes, can you name a country in it?

– No, I can’t.

– Did you go to high school?

– Yes.

– Did you go to college?

– Yeah, that’s the sad part.

– Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, The United States, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea.

Jmmy: Oh, thank God. Well, if you didn’t believe that children are our future before, now you do!

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