BookWars: E-books vs. Printed Books

Debate topic 42. Paper books versus ebooks: which one is better?

Ebooks versus printed books: which is really better?

Prepare for round one.

Let’s talk about the features. According to 68% of young adult readers with devices used for reading, a person can read in any light condition, adjust text size, highlight text for later reference, store a lot of books in one device, and carry it anywhere. Books offer a physical aspect that an e-book doesn’t. You can flip through its pages and directly write notes on the book itself, giving a more natural experience.

Round two: ebooks and printed books fight for the ease it gives to the readers. According to 66% of young adult readers, printed books are better. First, they’re eye-friendly. Second, they give a more fulfilling reading experience, which connects the reader to the book. Lastly, it doesn’t require power. Ebooks, on the other hand, are the opposite of these reasons, which made it difficult for them to read. Also, they cause eye strain.

Round three: let’s talk about the cost. Eighty-six percent of readers who have devices find ebooks cheaper than printed books. There are also free books on the Internet, which is also one reason why they choose to read ebooks. Printed books just cost more.

Round four: let’s talk about learning and comprehension. According to an interview with young adult readers, all of them retain information longer when they read in printed format than on digital. They may read faster with ebooks, but find it hard to recall information compared to paperback.

Round five: let’s talk about the accessibility of both formats. Readers have listed three characteristics that they love about ebooks and printed books. Ebooks are convenient, store many books in one single device, and can be read anytime, anywhere, while printed books are said to be authentic, classic, and collectable.

Round six: let’s talk about the feel and utility aspect of books. 66% of readers said that printed books offer a different experience. It gives a real and authentic feel, nostalgia, and satisfaction among them. It’s a smell in the way of curling up in a good book while flipping its pages that an e-book can’t offer.

After six rounds, the judges have already made a unanimous decision. And the winner is: both ebooks and printed books! Ebooks and printed books have their own characteristics, and they differ from person to person on which one to use. It ultimately depends on the personality and own preferences of a reader. It also depends on which format best serves a certain situation. Printed books or ebooks? Which side are you on? Share your thoughts using the hashtag bookwars.


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