UK immigration Test

Before granting you Citizenship to the United Kingdom, you must first pass this British Citizenship test.

Question 1:

– The Premier League is the showcase of which English popular sport?

– Diving.

– Correct. What is Britains most popular pastime?

– Queuing.

– Name the area where the highest British population density is?

– Tenerife.

– What is the current sterling conversion rate?

– About 1 goal in every 10 games.

– England won the world cup in 1966 beating West Germany.

– Was that a question?

– No, I just wanted to remind you. What is Scotland’s national dish?- Deep-fried Mars bar.

– When was the war of the Roses?

– Last Christmas when Cadbury’s reduced the size of the tin.

– International relations with Jordan were at an all-time low when?

– When she split with Peter Andre.

– Name the two great Manchester rivals?

– Liam and Noel.

– Pronounce this Welsh word:

– Caath Er Einn zeeeta Joan esss.

– Correct.

– Which tunnel separates Britain from mainland Europe?

– Tunnel Vision.

– What noise do politicians in the House of Commons make?

– Ughghghghgghghgghghghghghg

– Correct.

– What did England win in 1966 beating West Germany?

– The…World Cup?

– Correct! We beat them 4-2.

– Which British male was responsible for misleading the public over Brexit?

– The Daily Mail.

– And the last question… How would I… Get myself… An Irish Passport

– WHAT?!

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U.S Immigration

– Before granting you entry to the United States. We have a few simple questions. It’s just a formality.

– Okay.

– I’m actually Irish, myself.

– False.

– I know, I hadn’t started.

– Oh yeah, sorry.

– Question one, the United States is governed by two major parties. Uh, can you name them?

– The Gun Lobby and Big Tobacco.

– What is the name of America’s National Holiday?

– Black Friday.

– In what state is the city of Chicago?

– State of violence.

– What is America’s most dominant race?

– The Hundred Meter Butterfly.

– Quickfire round, finish these sentences. America is the greatest something in the world-

– … weapons exporter.

– Martin Luther King had a

– …tough time getting equal rights.

– Finally, the United States was founded in-

– …dubious circumstances surrounding land claims from Indigenous people.

– Welcome to America.

– Right.

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