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Are you tired of grappling with those pesky little words, “a,” “an,” and “the”? Do you find yourself unsure of when to use them or how to choose the right one? Fear not, because our comprehensive course on articles is here to demystify this linguistic puzzle!

???? 8 Engaging Lectures: Dive into the world of articles with a structured and easy-to-follow curriculum.
???? Logic Unveiled: Understand the intricate logic behind selecting the correct articles, demystifying the ambiguity that often surrounds them.
???? Lesson Tests: Each lesson features a comprehensive test to gauge your progress and reinforce your learning.
???? Workbooks Included: Dive deeper into the world of articles and other challenging English topics with our specially designed workbooks for each lesson. These workbooks feature tasks inspired by the TV show Young Sheldon, adding an entertaining and relatable twist to your learning experience.
???? Access for Three Months: You’ll have full access to the course for three months, allowing you ample time to master the material at your own pace, in both languages.
???? Course Language: English & Russian