Kids Tell Their Parents Their Biggest Secrets

I’m a little bit nervous about exposing this secret and I also don’t want to, like, break his heart. We’re here so I can tell my dad a secret that I’ve been keeping for, like, 16 years.

I’m nervous. I don’t know what kind of secret she could have since she’s four.

I’m really not that nervous. I don’t think he’s going to be that mad.Sometimes it makes more sense not to say something if it means you’re not going to get in trouble.

I guess I’m excited to learn about the secret. I can’t imagine he’d have anything to hide from me.

– So, Dad.

– Nicole.

– What’s the one thing that we used to do together when I was a child? Do you remember when you’d ask me, “Oh, do you want to play tennis or golf today?”

– Yes.

– My answer 100% of the time would’ve been tennis because I really, really don’t like golf. And I never liked playing it and I just went because I wanted to have something to do with you that wasn’t me beating you at tennis. And I also think that watching golf is really boring and I don’t understand why you watch it.

– About two months ago I got those parking tickets and you gave me the money and a normal person would’ve mailed it in. And then you called me one day and were like, “You never paid the tickets. I had to pay the late fee and it was about double what the ticket was.” And I told you that “It’s just the city’s fault.” I was like, “I paid the tickets,” kept the money, and I spent it.

– But what did you do with the money?

– 7-11 …

– $400 on Slurpees …

– You do what you gotta do.

– Whoa, like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders now that you know and I’m probably not going to watch golf with you ever again.

– That’s fine.

– [Interviewer] So, Steven, how surprised were you?

– It got to a point where it became obvious that she wasn’t that interested in it.

– It’s not that big of a deal.

– There were late fees. You could’ve just paid the ticket. You would put the ticket on my credit card anyway.

– I could’ve put it on the credit card and kept the money. That probably would’ve been smarter.

– Why would that be hard for you?

– I don’t know. Because you love it.

– That doesn’t break my heart … Actually heartwarming because at that young age, at four years old, you would do something that you didn’t really like doing because you wanted to spend time together.

– I’m the greatest.

– Now I feel like there’s probably more things that you should be telling me. As opposed to that …

– No, that’s about as bad as it gets.

– See, I thought you would be like, “Oh, really?” I kind of expected you to feel cheated out of a daughter who liked golf.

– Well, we can do that another way.

– Okay. Cool.

– [Interviewer] And how do you feel now that you exposed your supposedly worst secret?

I feel about the same.

– I still like spending time with you, though.

– I mean, you just got another parking ticket last month. Did you pay it?

– Yeah, I paid it.

– There are other secrets that you don’t know about.

– Oh, really?

– I should actually pay you when you pay the ticket on time.

– So if I paid the ticket on time you’d give me double the money?

– I’ll give you half of the late fee.

– This looks like it worked out better for me that I told him the secret.

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